Just Fun Things

We see some pretty fun things driving the roads here in Africa. I thought that instead of a lengthy note, I’d just post a few fun pictures.

image 004a

Shopping is interesting for most of the people here in Uganda. Their village malls are little stores, one after the other, side-by-side, all selling the same kinds of things at the same price. There are usually people living right above the stores, and once in awhile if a breeze is blowing, you might have someone’s laundry fall on your head.

image 004b

The butcher shops have their meat hanging out first thing in the morning and hope to sell it by noon. I personally don’t buy from the local butcher shops!

image 004c

There is a HUGE bird that lives here in Uganda. They look like a cross between a vulture and a stork. They’re really tall and NOT pretty, and their wing-span is very large. You will be sitting at a cafe and see huge flocks of them across the street. They call them “big ugly birds”, but I call them Dorktures.

image 003a

They say when “it rains, it pours”….and it literally does here! That’s our car behind that wall of water come off the roof of the tent at District Conference.

image 003b

The women carry everything on their heads. Try carrying a big jug of water on your head without using your hands! They say it’s 8 pounds for every gallon of water, so if it’s a 5-gallon jug full of water, they’re carrying 40 pounds on their head…and then it swishes back and forth, how’s that for juggling?

image 004f

Street sweepers keep the dust and dirt off the roads. They sweep with hand-made whisks…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a push broom. I’m going to buy one of those brooms, maybe there’s something to them!

image 004g


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