Jinja District Conference

There are these birds here who almost resemble a crane, but yet at the same time, resemble a vulture. They are HUGE, awkward looking when they walk, but they sure can fly. Everyone just calls them “big ugly bird”. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy, but when you’re driving on these roads here…it’s extremely bumpy.

image 003a

We had the opportunity to attend Jinja District Conference this past weekend. WE had two Seventys, Elder Cook and Elder Hall, and they set up a huge tent on the lawn of the Walukuba Chapel. It rained buckets of water just before people started arriving and it came down so hard that the lawn couldn’t absorb it fast enough. The picture shows the water coming off the tent roof…and that’s the back of our car in the middle.

image 003b

Our Branch President asked us to talk to some investigators just before conference because they wanted to get baptized but they had a traditional marriage and have no proof of their marriage. We told them that if they had a wedding picture or someone who could write a letter stating that they attended the ceremony….then we could get a Ugandan certificate. If not, then we would have to have them get married again at the Church so we would have record of their marriage before they could get baptized. I made friends with their 7-month old baby named Elijah. He put his hands on my face and smiled and then immediately went for the earrings!

image 003c

Everyone was hoping that they were going to make the District a Stake…they have the numbers, but they don’t have the attendance. We’ll be working with the missionaries to try to bring the attendance up. Many of the members walked over an hour to attend, some members pooled their money and went in on a small bus to come, and there were those that just lived too far to come and didn’t have the means or the way to get there. But I was amazed that all the seats under the tent were full, faithful families with their children, and others who were the only member in their family or village. We were instructed well on the importance of Councils. Family counsels and Church councils. Elder Cook stated that counciling with your spouse and your children was so important, that even Heavenly Father held councils as was the council in Heaven of which we were all included. It made me ponder and I learned something that I had never really thought about. Elder Hall talked about marriage and family and Heavenly Father’s way…not man’s or traditional way. The picture of the family is one of the families that are waiting to get to the Temple to be sealed.

image 003d


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