Just a few things you see ~

Just thought I’d post a few pictures of the things you see in Uganda. They really speak for themselves, no explanation needed.
1. Children are the same the world over, they love unconditionally.

image 005a
2. Eggs are not refrigerated, seldom washed before you buy them. I still buy mine in the store~

image 005b
3. You can get a new “doo” at a local beauty salon…even if you have hair like mine, “God is able” and will fix anything.

image 005c
4. At this orphanage in Masak, so little, yet so happy. It’s not things that make a child smile, it’s your time and love.

image 005d
Enjoy your blessings and be grateful~


The Facts

     As most of you may have heard. Malia Obama’s parents received a proposal from a lawyer in Kenya. He offered a bride price of cows, sheep and other livestock. “Bride price” is a custom here in Uganda that our Church is very much against, and they are trying to change and teach the Priesthood leaders why it is an evil practice.  It’s difficult for them to understand and try to change something that they have lived with for generations, and all their life, but the missionaries are struggling with getting baptisms because so many men cannot afford the bride price, so the couples just live together and have children.   Here is the lowdown on this custom and some other interesting stats:

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