A Service of Love


I had quite the emotional weekend, had a little cry, did a lot of praying and it’s a good day.   We went on a jiggers project to the poorest of poor villages, and we washed, sanitized feet then cut jiggers (which are larvae hatched from eggs laid inside feet and hands under the skin) .  It’s due to unclean, unsanitary conditions, usually due to neglect of the parents.  The children who have jiggers are usually bullied or made fun of.  The children are so tiny but they are usually stoic, even if a tear does fall when the wounds are cleansed with Betadine.  We give them a new pair of socks and a new pair of shoes to put on…sometimes we buy used clothes from an old church goodwill to take but we usually don’t find many small items for children, mostly adult t-shirts etc.


There was one young man, maybe 10 yr old if that old, who had the biggest spirit…I could just feel it and my heart went out to him.  He had way too many teeth in his mouth and he couldn’t bring his upper lip down over all the teeth to be able to close his lips.  I knew his life was hard, he was alone, and I don’t know if he had family or any friends. But I smiled at him and As he smiled back, more teeth appeared and his upper lip was stuck up above…but this beautiful child had the most incredible spirit and I just wanted to hug him and tell him I loved him as did his Savior Jesus Christ.


We left that day and I never knew his name but I could not get his face out of my mind and I couldn’t quit thinking about him.  I laid in bed last night and cried, asking the Lord to please watch over and take care of him, to ease his burdens that his life would not be so hard. there is something so special about him that I wonder if I knew him before I came to earth. I need to go back to this village and find him, even if to get his name and let him know he is loved.  I didn’t get a picture of him but I took some pictures of some other children, ones who had a guardian looking after them whether it is a parent or auntie, sibling or friend.  Here, there are children who have lost both parents, and if they don’t have an aunt or grandparent who will take them, they are left alone to try and survive and it is gut-wrenching to see.



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