We arrived in Uganda late on Sat. April 25th only to discover two of our bags were missing.  There was an old beat-up looking bag that looked like mine going round and round on the carousel, but I knew it wasn’t mine because I had a bright neon pink tag on mine with my name and address on it.  I have had that bag for years and have never seen another one like it…so I knew that whoever owned this last single bag on the carousel had taken mine without checking the tag!  Byron’s bag was no where to be seen. We were the last people to go through customs and I had felt uneasy, wondering if our bags might be stolen by the time we got through.  We filled out a claim, and I told the baggage office that if someone came to claim the bag that was left, to not give it to them unless they called me and I could come back to check my bag and make sure all the contents were there.  We were the last to walk out that night at midnight and were greeted by Pres. CHATFIELD, his wife, and the couple working in the office.  I was overcome with emotion as I watched Pres. Chatfield throw off his coat, grab his best friend, my companion, by the shoulders and embrace, patting each other on the back and smiling with the excitement of long lost friends.  Sister Chatfield  hugged me and then said ” I just have to hug you again”!   It was a great reception and we truly felt like we were needed here in Uganda.  Do we look like we’ve been up for 48 hrs straight?


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