Coming and Going

We survived our very 1st transfer week!!  It’s one of the busiest weeks in the Mission Office as we have many missionaries coming in for transfers, then we have all the new arriving missionaries coming from the MTC, plus we have departing missionaries leaving for home having completed their 2 years of service.  It’s non-stop craziness and fun, trying to make everything go smoothly.
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A Service of Love


I had quite the emotional weekend, had a little cry, did a lot of praying and it’s a good day.   We went on a jiggers project to the poorest of poor villages, and we washed, sanitized feet then cut jiggers (which are larvae hatched from eggs laid inside feet and hands under the skin) .  It’s due to unclean, unsanitary conditions, usually due to neglect of the parents.  The children who have jiggers are usually bullied or made fun of.  The children are so tiny but they are usually stoic, even if a tear does fall when the wounds are cleansed with Betadine.  We give them a new pair of socks and a new pair of shoes to put on…sometimes we buy used clothes from an old church goodwill to take but we usually don’t find many small items for children, mostly adult t-shirts etc. Continue reading

Our first post!


This blog is a place for Elder and Sister Goodwin to share their experiences in the Uganda Kampala Mission with their family and friends.  We hope that you will feel of their love for the Savior and their love for the people of Uganda as you visit this blog.  Please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed or come back regularly for updates.  Please also feel free to share the posts with your friends and family that might find them interesting.